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Seraphim Guard is a publisher of great role-playing supplements for Fudge, RuneQuest and D20. Our products are listed in the menu to the left and can be safely purchased using the PayPal 'add to cart' buttons found throughout the site. You can puchase some of our products in hard-copy from Lulu.

Steel Roses: the HeartQuest Guide to Mecha

The HeartQuest guide to mecha is back. Romance, angst, and really big robots!

Steel Roses is a HeartQuest Core Book, designed to work seamlessly with HeartQuest: Romantic Roleplaying in the Worlds of Shoujo Manga. Accept no substitutes -- look for the HeartQuest Core Book logo.

Welcome to Steel Roses, a rules supplement to HeartQuest. This supplement encompasses the various nuances of mecha anime with shoujo elements. It takes the HeartQuest FUDGE rules we all know and love, and tweaks them to include mechanized vehicles. Using flexible and dynamic mecha creation rules, nearly any form of vehicle (from cars to star cruisers) is possible. Combining classic HeartQuest rules with new and innovative mecha design/resolution, Steel Roses will bring your mecha ambitions to life!

This book contains expansion rules for the creation and action resolution of mecha in HeartQuest games. Steel Roses also includes a sample campaign setting, with pre-made characters and mecha. Steel Roses includes an outline on how mecha are used in anime, with hints/tips for GM-ing of such environments.

However, this book is not a replacement for HeartQuest, it is an expansion. The in-depth concepts on character creation and action resolution in the HeartQuest core rulebook are critical to an effective game of Steel Roses. If you have this book, it is recommended that you pick up HeartQuest as well, if you haven’t already. Because of the importance of the HeartQuest rulebook, character creation is only briefly outlined in Steel Roses, and will provide hints and tips for making an effective mecha pilot character.

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