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Seraphim Guard is a publisher of great role-playing supplements for Fudge, RuneQuest and D20. Our products are listed in the menu to the left and can be safely purchased using the PayPal 'add to cart' buttons found throughout the site. You can puchase some of our products in hard-copy from Lulu.

D20 pdf supplements

Here you will find several quality 3.5 d20 pdfs for purchase. Pick them up and add some interesting new material to your table top game.

Iap's Practical Guide to the Arcane #1

Does your wizard ever ride a horse? Not anymore! No self respecting master of the arcane should ever be so mundane. Iap's Floating Throne allows your character to travel in style.

Has your party ever needed to make a quick switcheroo? With Iap's Forgery you can leave the bad guys (or good guys) holding a fake.

From the spellbooks and studies of renowned wizard Iapetus comes the first in a series of practical spellcasting applications. Iap's Practical Guide to the Arcane offers 15 all new spells, 3 new magic items and 1 new feat

A Seraphim Guard foray into D20. Buy the pdf for only $2.25

Iap's Practical Guide to the Arcane #2

Ever wanted to bring down a castle wall? With Iap's Dismaying Tunnel haughty Kings will treat your wizard with the respect he is due.

Need a portal but too cheap to make a permanent one? Iap's Temporary Portal will solve all your problems.

Need to surveil a town before your meat-shield rushes in? Iap's Map will give you the edge you need to survive!

A continuation of the popular Iap's Practical Guide to the Arcane. This edition features 15 all new spells and 5 new magic items. These spells expand upon the D20 Arcane magic system by creating spells of practical use and role-play. There are hundreds of spells to slaughter your foes, but only Iap's gives you spells that will set your wizard apart.

Seraphim Guard's further foray into D20! Buy the pdf for only $2.25

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