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Seraphim Guard is a publisher of great role-playing supplements for Fudge, RuneQuest and D20. Our products are listed in the menu to the left and can be safely purchased using the PayPal 'add to cart' buttons found throughout the site. You can puchase some of our products in hard-copy from Lulu.

HeartQuest: Romantic Roleplaying in the Worlds of Shoujo Manga

The shoujo manga role-playing game that started it all is back: HeartQuest: Romantic Roleplaying in the Worlds of Shoujo Manga!

HeartQuest contains all the rules to role-play romance, intrigue and adventure in the worlds of shoujo manga. The game covers the vast variety of the shoujo field, from teen romance stories and magic girl adventures to fantastic quests in bizarre new worlds.

HeartQuest uses the Fudge System to create rich, deep characters. Play a naive schoolgirl looking for her first love, a powerful magical girl saving the world from elemental evil, a suave and mysterious bishonen, or any other shoujo character you can imagine. Form lasting relationships with other characters, both player and non-player. Find the one love worth sacrificing everything for, or leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake. Face evils you cannot begin to imagine, or the horrors of the all-important high school entrance exams. Travel to fantastic worlds, or cram yourself into a crowded bullet train to shop in Shinjuku.

HeartQuest is a complete game that includes everything needed to play except dice: complete rules for character creation, task resolution, combat, and supernatural powers; plenty of good advice for players and gamemasters alike; extensive bibliographies of comics, books, animation and web resources for the shoujo genre; and three settings in which to host your shoujo games: Sendai Academy, Ghost Tamer Miyaki, and Steel Heidi.

For shoujo manga gaming goodness, accept no substitutes -- look for the HeartQuest Core Book and HeartQuest Source Book logos found on every Seraphim Guard HeartQuest product.

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There is a pdf errata sheet available for HeartQuest.

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